Bury – 1b

Class 1b coins from Bury are rare; there were only two seen by Eaglen when he studied the Bury coins from the Brussels Hoard. These had been disposed of by Baldwins before Churchill and Thomas were able to study the hoard. There are no moneyer names on class 1b coins, but they were issued by Iohan, the abbot’s moneyer.

  • Obverse: hEHRICUS  REX ANG, mm 1, pellets on E and H.  Five pellets under crown. The star in the IM has 5 points not six.
  • Reverse: AED/LIE/TER/CI’.
  • C/T sub-type : Bur.1 
  • Image courtesy of Mark Winiger – a coin in his collection. [MW-1125].
  • Coin ref # BYNN1001

  • Obverse: hENRICUS  REX ANG, mm 1, pellets on E and N.  Five pellets under crown. IM star appears to have 6 points – if so, indicating a different obverse die to #BYNN1001.
  • Rev: AED/LIE/TER/CI’.  – A is open at top, demonstrating a different reverse die to #BYNN1001
  • C/T sub-type : Bur.1 sim.
  • Provenance: The William Conte collection, ex North; ex P. Finn 7.12.1993.
  • Images: © The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Accession number:  CM.1330-2001
  • Image ref # BYNN1002

  • This cut-half sold on Ebay in December 2017.
  • Coin found in Cambridgeshire. 
  • Now in the author’s collection.
  • Coin Ref # BYNN1127

Now in the author’s collection. [RP-3098].