This website is a gallery for show-casing selected images of the Long Cross pennies of Henry III, and the posthumous class 6/7 coins issued under Edward I.  In here will be found hundreds of images of scarce or rare types, as well as some examples of more common types but in better than average condition. On the Prices page you’ll find the current approximate market values for many of the coins illustrated.

If you’re having trouble determining which class a coin belongs to, try the Class Identifier

The site is continually under revision, so do check back at a future date to see the growing image collection.

Images are of coins not only from my own collection, but also selected examples from other enthusiasts and auction houses – if you have a coin that you think deserves to be shown then please email me using the contact section.  Please note that this is a non-commercial website and so none of the coins are for sale.  My spare coins are offered on a separate website: www.surreycoins.com

Throughout I have extensively used the Churchill-Thomas classification (2012), and varieties are often referenced to the Churchill-Thomas numbers as published in their highly useful reference book on the 1908 Brussels Hoard.

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